Remember your Rosemary!

Here at My Grandma’s Garden, we truly believe in the power of herbs. We will be teaching you some of the benefits of rosemary, we hope you enjoy!

Scientific Name: Rosmarlnus Officinalis

Family: Rosemary is part of the mint family



These are some of the most common species of Rosemary:

  • Primley Blue
  • Miss Jessopp’s Upright
  • Tuscan Blue
  • Marjorie Pink
  • White Rosemary
  • Corsican Blue
  • Golden Rosemary
  • Fota Blue

Medicinal Uses for Rosemary:

-Rosemary has been traditionally known as the “herb of remembrance” for its ability to help with memory. It has a number of beneficial compounds including eucalyptol, which is considered to have potent antibacterial effects and may relax and soothe muscles in the lungs.

-It is suggested that Rosemary can even be used to prevent cancer by adding it to your meat and vegetables before you grill them.

-Rosemary oil may be used externally as an insect repellent.


Gardening Tips:

Type of Plant: Rosemary is a perennial.

Time to Plant is in the spring after the last frost has passed

Time to Harvest is in the late spring through early fall.

Location in the garden: Rosemary likes full sun

Soil Type: Rosemary likes well drained soil


Advice from My Grandma’s Garden:

-The Number one killer of any rosemary plant is over watering.

-Rosemary needs to be pruned regularly by gently pinching off the new leaves as they appear.

-Rosemary’s biggest threat is mildew, and once mildew takes hold of rosemary, your chances of bringing it back are slim.

-You can help prevent mildew by improving the air circulation around the plants.


-Rosemary is best used fresh and it can last a long time after being pinched from the plant.

-It can also be dried by tying several springs of rosemary together with twine and hanging small bundles in a dark, warm place.

* * *

We hope that you were able to learn a few facts and tips about rosemary. If you have any questions, leave a comment down below or send us an email or tweet! If you have any other advice about growing rosemary, please let us know!


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