Exploring Spencer Smith Park & the Pier

After being off school for a while, Sarah and I have been struggling to find fun things to do during our day. It was 25 degrees and we were definitely in the mood for a walk. So, we decided to explore our own backyard! We went down to Spencer Smith Park, Burlington and visited the pier and took our time taking pretty pictures of our favourite things at the waterfront.


The weather was gorgeous, and the sun was hitting the water in all the right angles to make it sparkle. We found our own little spot by a picnic to view the pier.

After we finished taking plenty of photos, we followed the pathway up to the pier. Sarah enjoyed taking pictures from the very top (even though she was hardly tall enough to reach over the rails!)


Our view to the right:


Our view to the left:


After sitting on a bench for a few minutes to enjoy the spectacular view we headed back to explore more of the park area and take a look at the gazebo that our parents used for their weddings photos 21 years ago!


Being HUGE garden fanatics, we of course had to take a few breaks to look at the colourful flowers and (literally) smell the roses.


Sarah almost got stung by a bee right on her nose while smelling the flowers:


The sun was way hotter than we expected – so we made our way home sooner than we had hoped. We ended up having a gorgeous walk down by the waterfront. If you have a boring day while off from school this summer, or aren’t going on vacation this year, we suggest exploring your own backyard. Sometimes exploring an area close to home, like Spencer Smith Park, brings about the best memories and great times with friends and family.


If you have ever been to Spencer Smith Park, we would love to see your photos from your day adventure. Also, we love to see areas close to you that you’ve visited for a day trip with friends, family or by yourself! Please send us your photos on twitter.


Hope you enjoyed coming along with Sarah and me on our visit to Spencer Smith Park!


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