Jessie: “the Tulip”

Jessie is the oldest of the grandkids and also the co-manager of “My Grandma’s Garden”. Tulips represent shyness and creativity Jessie is a colourful person – with her passion for art and creating. She usually keeps to herself and you can usually find her on her laptop writing or painting on the floor of her bedroom.


Jessie enrolled in a University English program because of her interest in writing, and has recently completed her first year. Jessie has been writing pretty much her entire life, when her obsession with reading turned into an interest in writing. She wrote her first story “Silly Lilly” when she was just nine years old, and had dreams of it being published with her own artwork inside.

She sent her story to “nanny” to edit, and received some good feedback about her story. To this day, her nanny brags about “Silly Lilly” and laughs about the funny nine-year old stories.


When Jessie got older, her love for scribbling and colouring grew into a love for painting and sketching. She began experimenting with a few different styles, classes and techniques. Jessie continues to experiment with painting (especially acrylic) and produces fun, colourful pieces of artwork.

When Jessie was young, she used to spend a lot of time with her nanny in the garden, helping her pick weeds and stepping along the step-stones to avoid getting muddy. Jessie especially admired the flowers, with all the bright colours and pretty shapes.


“I remember the tall sunflowers in grandma’s garden, they looked like they were 6 feet tall from my perspective. When I think of her garden, I think of all those sunflowers”.


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