Megan: “the Lily”

A lily represents boldness and colour, just like Megan’s fun personality! You can hear Megan coming from a mile away- with her loud voice and bold personality demanding attention, just like a lily!


Megan is a creative character, with a diverse set of passions, talents and hobbies! Megan participates in school plays and theatre performances (her most recent was Snow White) and always steals the show with her expressive voices and gestures. Her outgoing personality is admirable, with her confidence and determination allowing her to do whatever she sets her mind to.

Her determination especially shines through in school, with “nanny” constantly bragging about her grades and her hard work when completing assignments and studying for tests. Nanny brags about how Megan never gives up, and will not stop until she figures it out.


Megan’s weeks and weekends include playing sports (like soccer) and playing with her friends. When Megan finally gets a break from her busy schedule, she loves to go out with her nanny. Some of her favourite memories include spending time in nanny’s garden watering the plants and looking at the fish in the ponds. Although, Megan will not dare to pick the tomatoes – her least favourite vegetable!


“I love going to [nanny’s] garden and looking at her fish. I also love watering and picking vegetables. I remember swinging on the swing and having picnics. I love nanny’s garden!”

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