Sarah: “the Sunflower”

Sarah, like a beautiful sunflower, is sunny and happy at all times! From the time she rises bright and early to the time she falls asleep on her collection of fluffy pillows and stuffed animals, she is laughing and smiling. Sarah is bright and bold just like the yellow petals of a sunflower, with her spunky and sassy personality!


Named “miss blue eyes” by her “nanny”, Sarah’s biggest passions are teaching others, playing piano (by ear!) and tennis. Her kindergarten duty and tennis lessons make it hard for her to sit still, but that’s how she likes it! She will never say no to trying something new, whether that is testing her athletic skills or trying a new challenging piano song.

Nanny is always bragging about how creative and patient her granddaughter is when teaching other people and playing songs by ear on the piano after only hearing them once or twice on the radio (her favourites are Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez).


Out of all Sarah’s hobbies, some of Sarah’s favourite memories are from nanny’s garden, swinging on the swing in the backyard and feeding the fish that live in nanny’s two ponds. She has always enjoyed spending time with nanny in the garden, especially when they are relaxing together and her nanny is showing her the new plants she has started growing.


“My favourite memory is when we painted the rocks and we all got full of paint!”

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