Emma: “the Daisy”

“The Daisy”, Emma, is the youngest of the grandchildren. Daisies represent Emma’s sweetness and creativity. Like a daisy’s white petals, Emma is a super sweet girl, as she always cares about her family, friends and animals! Like the daisy’s bright yellow center, Emma is never afraid to let her true colours steal the show and be the center of attention when performing onstage.


Emma’s biggest passion is performing. She loves singing, dancing and acting. She has always participated in dance recitals, school plays (her most recent one was Alice in Wonderland) and local theatre performances. In every one of her performances, her infectious smile and bright personality has stolen the show!


One of Emma’s biggest fans is, of course, her “nanny” (aka Grandma). Nanny doesn’t miss a single performance, and is always there at the end of the show to give big hugs and a pretty bouquet of bright-coloured flowers.

Some of Emma’s favourite memories were spent with nanny in her garden, from feeding fish in the ponds to picking and eating (but mostly eating) cherry tomatoes. Emma’s favourite memory was painting rocks for her nanny’s garden, although she was only very small. All of the grandkids got together in the garden and painted flat rocks to decorate the garden with the grandkids’ touch!


My favourite memory was “painting the rocks- I remember when I was about four, nanny gave us all step stones to paint and I was little so my aunt Lori had to help me!”



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