Basil Tea Recipe

My Grandma’s Garden is a big fan of natural remedies for pain, sickness and discomfort. Basil can be used as a natural remedy, as described by “the Power of Basil” article. We are excited to share this simple tea recipe using fresh basil with you!

Are you suffering from a stomach ache? Basil tea is a natural method to ease the discomfort of the digestive system. It will calm your body and the micronutrients can help rid you of feelings of nausea and cramping in the stomach.

Lemon Basil Tea

Basil Tea Recipe:

-20 fresh basil leaves finely chopped

-Place basil in a mug and fill mug with boiling water.

-Cover and steep for 10 min.

-Strain the mixture before drinking if desired.

If you have tried this recipe, please send us you feedback on twitter! We would love to hear how this natural recipe has helped you and if you enjoyed it!

Check out “the Power of Basil” article for more information on basil.


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