This is My Grandmas Garden’s first blog on Using Herbs and Plant Essences for Joint and Muscle Pain & I will discuss the beneficial uses of Arnica.

Unfortunately, age is rarely kind to our joints and muscles!!

Muscles have a lot of strength, but they can be overstretched, bruised, or torn.

Joints can be sprained, strained, or dislocated, and are also targets for inflammation, degeneration and auto immune diseases such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

It is important to note that the information contained within this document is for educational purposes only, and that the use of these herbs and plant essences should be used only under the direction of a health provider.

Herbalists suggest that the following herbs and plant essences can help alleviate joint and muscle pain:

  • Arnica
  • Cayenne
  • Devil’s Claw
  • Rosemary
  • Willow Bark
  • Witch Hazel

Arnica Montana is native to sunny meadows of Europe, Central Asia, and Siberia.

It’s bright yellow, daisy-like flowers have been prized for many centuries for its ability to ease the pain and inflammation of sore muscles, bruises and back pain.

Native Americans used a species called “Arnica Fulgens”.

Arnica belongs to the Asteracae family.

Originally, the entire plant, including the roots were used in preparing herbal remedies, but now only the flower heads are used.

The active constituents of Arnica stimulate the blood vessels near the surface of the skin and therefore improves circulation to the injured area. It promotes the healing of bruises, sprains, strains, muscular inflammation and aches and pains, rheumatic joint pain, and swelling due to fractures.

Preparations of this plant are available as gels, ointments, creams, sprays, salves, and liniments for external use in treating bruises, muscle strains, arthritis, rheumatic pain, phlebitis, and swelling due to fractures. Tinctures of arnica are used for making compresses and poultices.

CAUTIONS; Arnica in its herbal form is restricted to the types of topical (external) applications as noted above, because it has been suggested that it could cause serious side effects if taken internally.


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