“Happy Hippy Pits” Natural Deodorant Review

I’m always looking for natural products to replace popular brands. Deodorant is one of those things that you need and want, but can be very bad for you. I try to be careful when picking my deodorants, but have had trouble finding a brand that smells delicious, organic and all natural. I recently went for a walk and came across a cute little aromatherapy health shop, and found a locally made natural deodorant called “Happy Hippy Pits” by “On a Branch Soaps”.


There were a variety of different scents available, but I decided to try out the Lavender and Vanilla scent because it smelled fresh and sweet – perfect for the summertime. I was seriously considering the Rosemary and Mint scent, because it smelled very refreshing and once again, perfect for summer.


I highly recommend this deodorant for anybody who wants an inexpensive (I got mine for $7) natural deodorant to replace their popular brand deodorant. The deodorant is hand-crafted and goes on beautifully. It is a very smooth application and smells amazing with a strong lavender smell!


This natural deodorant contains organic coconut oil, arrowroot powder, beeswax, sodium bicarbonate, lavender essential oil (one of Sandra’s favourite essential oils) and organic vanilla flavour oil. You can tell that the ingredients are well-blended with much care and time, making this all-natural deodorant a must-have in your bathroom drawer for this summer!

I got my “Happy Hippy Pits” deodorant at a little boutique downtown, “Anise’s”.


If you are interested in purchasing this deodorant, visit “On a Branch Soaps” at www.etsy.com/shop/OnABranchSoaps

If you would like to support Anise’s natural health store, visit their website www.aniseapothecary.com

If you tried this product, we’d love to hear about it on our twitter, or leave a comment down below. We love hearing stories about how you switched your products out for all natural ones, like this deodorant.





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    • Thank you so much for your nice comment! We’re glad you’re enjoying our content, we try to update as much as possible. My Grandma (Sandy) does a lot of research and hard work for the blog, so it’s always nice to hear that’s it’s helping and people enjoy it!

      Love, Jessie

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